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Hot Tub Repair Vancouver WA

We’re Vancouver’s Choice For Hot Tub and Spa Repair

Hot Tub Repair Vancouver WAYour hot tub is a great place to relax, unwind, and de-stress from long days. It’s also a perfect spot for family and friends to hang out on the weekends. When they stop working correctly, it can put a real damper on things. At Active Aqua Pool and Spa, near Vancouver, WA, we provide reliable hot tub repair services. Your spa or hot tub can be challenging to work on by yourself, especially if you aren’t familiar with all the different parts and each of their functions. Our experienced technicians have over 25 years of experience in spa and pool installation on all different makes and models, and we’ll come to your home and repair your hot tub in a timely and professional manner so you can get back to relaxing and entertaining.

Common Hot Tub Problems

Most hot tub owners will experience several common issues that arise over the years. An experienced hot tub repair technician is capable of fixing these problems rather quickly. If you are experiencing problems, you should turn your spa off at the breaker and give us a call so we can perform our diagnostic service.

If your hot tub is not heating properly, it could be one of several issues. Some are cheaper than others to repair. This is one of the most common problems among spa owners. Instead of wasting money on a bunch of unnecessary parts, trying to guess what the problem is. Let our factory-trained technicians use our specialized equipment to test and pinpoint the problem, so you only replace the parts you need! If the control panel is displaying any of these error codes (FLO, OH, DR, DRY, COOL, SNA SNB, – – -), is making loud squealing or grinding noises, or is tripping the GFCI breaker. Leave or turn the power off right away and call us immediately to come and assess the situation, so you do not risk further damage.

We are all getting more educated about conserving energy and being more health-conscious these days. A couple of big priorities when it comes to your hot tub are; making sure your tub is insulated correctly and making sure you are using the right sanitizing system for you and your family. Using a quality cover is an essential way of keeping your tub insulated and running as efficiently as possible. Here in the Pacific Northwest, spa covers typically last about 3-4 years before they become waterlogged, heavy, and lose their insulating properties. If you want to save money over the life of your spa, call us to have a custom made, proper fitting, high-quality cover delivered to you when yours wears out.
Expect to have issues with your hot tub at some point. Think about how long your computer would last if you left it outside here in our region. The same goes for your hot tub. They both have electronics inside that are prone to corrosion and failures due to the moisture and weather. When you have an issue, be sure to call the professionals at Active Aqua pool and spa.

Should I Repair or Replace My Hot Tub?

Spa Repair Vancouver WAThe standard lifespan of a hot tub is between 10-15 years. If yours is still within this range, it is generally a good idea to repair any issues that arise. If your hot tub is older, let us take a look and help you decide whether or not it is profitable to repair. At some point, the repairs can become more expensive than your current hot tub is worth. At this point, you may want to consider getting a brand new spa or hot tub. Replacing your hot tub can also save you money with more modern and energy-efficient models.

Proper maintenance will help reduce the number of repairs your hot tub will need. Always ensure your Ph and alkalinity are within the correct ranges. Your Ph should be between 7.2 and 7.6, while your alkalinity should remain between 80-120.

Affordable Spa Repair Services

At Active Aqua, our goal is to provide affordable and reliable hot tub repair services to all of our customers. We understand that owning and maintaining a hot tub costs a decent amount, and that is why we want our clients to have a company they can trust for proper repairs that will last and save them money over the long term.

Stop Looking For Hot Tub Repair Near Me, Call Us Today!

Active Aqua is a custom spa and pool builder in Ridgefield, Longview, Camas, and Vancouver. Customer service matters, which is why we take care of everything, from design to construction and installation. When you want to add a relaxing spa to your property, give us a call. And don’t worry about repairs, we take care of that too.