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Pool And Spa Inspection Services Vancouver WA

Certified Pool Inspectors Near Me

Pool And Spa Inspection Services Vancouver WAAt Active Aqua Pool And Spa, It is important to have your pool professionally inspected to ensure it continues to run smoothly. One of the main reasons that people need a pool inspection is when they are buying a home that already has a pool installed. It is essential to have it inspected before you go splashing in. Determining the condition that the pool is in will help identify any necessary pool and spa repairs needed. A home inspector can accurately access the property, but your pool should be inspected by a professional. While a home inspector can look at the basics of a pool and tell you it’s okay, a pool inspector knows to look at the finer details to decide what condition the pool is in.

Most new pools don’t require regular inspections because modern technology allows them to run smoothly for many years. But if you notice your pool isn’t functioning the way it’s supposed to, you should have it inspected and repaired. At Active Aqua Pool and Spa, our technicians have the experience and training to inspect every component of a pool and spa system accurately. If you are buying a new home that has a pool, give us a call, and we will perform a thorough inspection to determine the condition of your pool.

What Is Included In A Swimming Pool Inspection?

You might wonder what our technicians will look at during a pool inspection. To accurately assess the condition of your pool, we need to inspect every component. From the safety features to the physical conditions, we cover everything.

We look at:

  • Plaster
  • Tile
  • Coping
  • Decking
  • Pumps
  • Filters

  • Heaters
  • Jets
  • Automatic Covers
  • Slides
  • Water Features
  • Lighting

Professional Pool Inspections

Swimming Pool Services Vancouver WAWhen we inspect the physical condition of the pool, we will look for signs of deterioration, cracks, and basic wear and tear. This means looking at the grout lines between tile and any uneven spots. The interior finish, or plaster, of a pool, can develop stains or small cracks over the years. These small blemishes are usually not serious and only affect the aesthetics of the pool. However, during an inspection, our technicians can tell you if any of the cracks are concerning and should be repaired. When inspecting the equipment, our technicians will look to ensure the pumps, heaters, and filters are all installed and functioning properly. In addition to the basic components, we will look at any accessories like automatic pool covers, waterfalls, and other features.

Local Pool Inspectors

Your pool is an extension of your home. It’s where family and friends can hang out, relax, and soak up the sun. At Active Aqua Pool and Spa, we strive to provide our clients with not only beautifully custom-made pools but also repairs, maintenance, and professional inspections. Whether you’re buying a new home with a pool or need to have your current pool inspected, we are here to help. We provide Vancouver homeowners with reliable, high-quality pool and spa services. Call or visit us today and see what we can do for you.