How long does it take to build a pool?
The short answer? It depends. Custom-designed pools take longer than standard pools, but there are multiple factors that affect the timing of the pool build. The design and permit process can be lengthy, depending on which city you live in and the requirements of your HOA. However, the total time to build a swimming pool ranges from six to 10 weeks on average including design, excavation, plumbing, and installation. However, the installation process also varies based on the material you choose for your pool. For example, vinyl and fiberglass pools are fairly simple to install. Other materials such as gunite take longer to install. Give us a call today with and speak to one of our experienced team members for more specific answers based on the type of pool you’re looking for!
When should I schedule my pool project?
Given the average timeline for pool installation, it’s important to schedule the project early enough to enjoy your dream pool that first warm summer day. Therefore, our busiest time starts in late winter and continues throughout spring and early summer. For specific questions about your project’s timeline, call us at Active Aqua today to get started on your new pool!
What can I expect during the excavation process while my new pool is being built?
Simply? A lot of noise and a lot of mess. The excavation process is loud due to the machinery needed to complete the project. We dig the hole for your pool and the excess earth is taken from the ground and taken away in a dump truck. However, excavation is the most disrupting part of the process and should only last a day. The team at Active Aqua recommends keeping all pets and children inside on dig day.
Help! Why is my pool losing water?
Before you panic, it’s possible that there’s nothing wrong at all! Most residential pools without a pool cover will lose about two inches of water a week due to evaporation. Additionally, water splashes out during normal use and backwashing pool filters (necessary maintenance)will reduce the amount of water in the pool after just a few minutes. Under normal conditions, most pool owners find themselves adding about two inches of water a week. If you’re losing more than that amount, you may have a leak or some other fault within the pool’s plumbing or mechanical systems. In that case, it’s best to call an expert at Active Aqua to investigate the issue!
Why is my swimming pool water cloudy?
Cloudy pool water can be frustrating, but there are multiple factors that could contribute to it. The seven main causes of cloudy pool water include improper chlorine levels, imbalanced pH levels, high calcium hardness (CH) levels, faulty or clogged filters, algae, ammonia, and debris. If you suspect that one of these issues is causing your pool water to be cloudy, call an expert at Active Aqua for answers to your questions and to explore possible remedies including re-balancing the chemical levels in the pool or changing out filters.

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