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Pool Builders Longview WA

Swimming Pool and Backyard Design

 Pool Builders Longview WASelecting the right contractor is an essential first step in the pool building process. You want to know your pool is installed correctly, well-built, and customized to meet your needs and your vision. The pool builders at Active Aqua Pool & Spa has the knowledge and skill to transform your backyard into an outdoor oasis. Our commitment to customer service is unrivaled, and our goal is to make your project as stress-free as possible. We handle every step in the pool construction process from design and excavation to construction and installation. We work closely with each of our customers to conceptualize and create their dream pool and spa.

Do you already have a vision for the style of pool and surrounding landscape you want for your backyard or property? Or do you need someone to consult with who can provide ideas and options? We’ll work with you every step of the way to ensure we’re creating the exact swimming pool area you envision. Active Aqua Pool & Spa is Longview’s first choice for constructing high-quality outdoor pool areas. Call us to start planning your outdoor oasis today!


Build the Swimming Pool of Your Dreams

Celebrity T.V. shows boast extravagant pools with waterfalls, fountains, slides, and more. However, luxurious pools aren’t just for the rich and famous. You can have the pool of your dreams, and Active Aqua can make that dream a reality. We are committed to creating the outdoor living space that caters to the needs of your home and your personal preferences. We specialize in a variety of pool types and styles. We can also add custom pool features for indoor and outdoor pool areas. Our extensive experience and commitment to quality make Active Aqua your locally preferred swimming pool contractor in Longview.

Excavation for In-Ground Pools

 Longview WA Pool ContractorsActive Aqua is licensed, bonded, insured, and equipped to excavate your new swimming pool site with expert professionalism. Our experience and qualifications ensure we’ll take care of heavy machinery operation, grading, plumbing, and electrical work your project will need. When we say full service, we mean full service.

Custom Swimming Pool Features

Choosing the right pool is just the beginning. Do you want a spa or jacuzzi addition? What about a waterfall or custom lighting? How about a hardscape or custom landscape design? Active Aqua can incorporate any custom features you can imagine. We cater our work to the needs of each individual we work with, ensuring that we’ll create and install the perfect pool for your particular home.

Fiberglass Pool Installation

Active Aqua Pool & Spa also specializes in fiberglass pools, which have an extensive list of advantages that make them incredibly appealing to homeowners. Not only are fiberglass swimming pools easier to transport and cost less than concrete pools, but they also take less time to build.

  • Hundreds of shapes and sizes to choose from
  • Quick installation and minimal maintenance
  • Resistance to algae growth
  • Resistance to cracking, chipping, or leaking

Turn-Key Swimming Pools

We handle all aspects of pool installation from beginning to end, including fencing, retaining walls, electrical systems, and plumbing. At the end of the day, the only thing left for you to do is jump in. Some essential features we take care of when building your pool include:

  • Salt Chlorine Generators
  • Heat Pump Installation
  • Filtration Systems
  • Landscape Design


Reliable and Trusted Longview Pool Contractors

Active Aqua is streamlining the swimming pool installation process, making things quicker and easier on you. The result is a design-to-build that is customized to your individual needs and budget. We even offer pool inspections for homeowners who are hoping to sell their homes. For a free estimate on any of our services, call us today!

Longview’s Local Choice for Pool Construction

Longview offers residents beautiful living surroundings with natural landmarks like Lake Sacajawea Park. With several working-class neighborhoods and an urban core that set it apart from most Pacific Northwest towns, Longview offers those who live there the fun and comfortability that families deserve. It’s the western gateway to the Mount St. Helens area and is an easy commute to Portland and Vancouver along the Columbia River. We love Longview and it’s beautiful surroundings, which is why we love to serve the area as your local building experts for indoor and outdoor swimming pools and spas. Call us today and we’ll start building the oasis of your dreams!


Call Active Aqua Pool & Spa for Your Pool Installation and Repair Needs!