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Pool Renovation Contractors Vancouver WA

We’re Vancouver’s Inground Pool Renovation Company

Pool Renovation Contractors Vancouver WAAt Active Aqua, we specialize in the installation of custom swimming pools as well as renovations to upgrade your existing pool to a new and better design. There are several reasons why someone might want to renovate their pool in Vancouver. Over the years, small leaks can develop and usually only require minor repairs. However, if these leaks become more frequent or significant, it could be a sign that it’s time to consider a renovation. Additionally, older systems that don’t operate as well as the new technology might become quite a hassle and prove more work than their worth. Renovations allow you to upgrade several aspects of your swimming pool system at once to create what looks and feels like a brand new pool. Other reasons include improving your pool for safety and accessibility. It is common for families with small children to want a shallow wading area for their kids to play in. Easier accessibility and safety features for the elderly and disabled are also popular reasons to renovate your pool. But you don’t always need a reason. Sometimes clients simply want to upgrade their pool to something that looks better and makes them happier. Either way, our team at Active Aqua is here to help!

Pool renovations can be relatively simple projects or quite complex; it depends on your wants and needs. When considering a pool renovation, the very first step should be to prioritize those wants and needs. If there are aspects of your pool that need to be replaced like tile, coping, plaster, or pavers, they should be considered a top priority. Other aesthetic elements should also be considered since a pool renovation is more of an upgrade rather than a series of repairs. Popular renovation ideas include a new pool shape, adding a spa, a slide, additional water features, or LED lighting.

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At Active Aqua near Vancouver, we believe in providing our customers with high-quality pool installations, repairs, and renovations. We work closely with each client to design, build, and install custom pools with unique features. Our contractors are not only skilled with the construction element of swimming pools but also the electrical, plumbing, and additional aesthetic factors. When we meet with a client to begin a project, we thoroughly assess their wants and needs to create a realistic budget and timeline. Extensive planning allows us to account for unexpected delays and smoothly work around them to create the finished project that our clients envisioned. Communication and customer satisfaction are our top priorities when installing, renovating, or repairing a pool.

Swimming Pool Repair Company

Pool Remodeling Vancouver WAWhile a properly built and installed swimming pool can last for decades, certain elements develop wear and tear over the years. If you have a pool with a vinyl liner, small tears will likely evolve throughout its lifetime. These tears are relatively simple to repair but should be done sooner than later to prevent more significant issues. Vinyl liners can also become sun-bleached and develop signs of aging, both of which don’t necessarily affect the functionality of the pool but do influence the aesthetics.

Fiberglass pools are more durable and long-lasting than vinyl pools, but they can also require certain repairs over the years. Spider cracks are a relatively common occurrence with fiberglass pools. However, these cracks are superficial and don’t affect the performance of the pool. Bulging and fading colors are also fairly common but relatively easy to repair.

When it comes to concrete or gunite pools, their durability and longevity are unmatched by most other materials. Common problems that occur over the years include cracks and hollow spots. These repairs can be more difficult compared to fiberglass or vinyl. On rare occasions, during repairs or heavy storms, concrete pools can pop up out of the ground. While concrete pools do trump other materials in durability and longevity, they are also much more expensive and take much longer to install.

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When you’re looking to restore, renovate, or remodel your pool, give us a call. At Active Aqua, we provide professional installations and repairs. Our team works closely with each of our customers to establish their budget and goals along with a realistic timeline to achieve the result they were looking for!