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Indoor Pool Installation

The Best Local Pool Installation

Have you dreamed of owning an indoor pool? Or are you a commercial property owner looking to upgrade your amenities with a new indoor pool? Give Active Aqua a call and we will get the job done.

You don’t have to be rich and famous to own an indoor pool, and Active Aqua is your one-stop shop for indoor pool design and installation. Whether you’re considering a compact infinity pool, a large Grecian style pool, or your standard 3-5 ft. deep pool, we can make any dream you have a reality

The Pacific Northwest Weather Suggests Fiberglass Pools

In hotter climates, swimming pools can create the ultimate backyard luxury. With our regions gray and sometimes gloomy climate, backyard pools may not seem as practical as having an indoor pool. Installing an indoor pool makes sense in the Pacific Northwest and can extend a short swim season to year round. At Active Aqua we are licensed, bonded, and insured contractors, and we are your local indoor pool installation experts. If perfect swimming conditions year round, or swimming in private are things you desire, consider an indoor pool installed by Active Aqua.

Full-Service Pool Installation Company

Rather than going through several contractors and companies, Active Aqua can offer a one-stop shop for your swimming pool installation. We do everything, beginning with excavation and ending with installation. We even add finishing touches to your pool such as water features, hardscape, landscape and more.

Looking for Indoor Swimming Pool Designs For Your Home

Active Aqua is streamlining the swimming pool installation process, making things quicker and easier on you. The result is a design-to-built process that is customized to your individual needs and budget. For a free estimate, call us today!

Buying or selling your home? Active Aqua offers pool inspections.